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Make April Fool Rock Candy crystals on a string for kids. These edible gems are fake and tasty too

Crystals on a String

These crystals are very easy and cheap to make and imagine the surprise of your friends, when you start taking out the gems of your necklace and begin to eat them. Offer some to them too. Here's a warning to: Only make these crystals under the supervision of an adult or melted sugar can give severe burns, especially to kids.
  • Tie a cotton string to the center of the pencil.
  • On the other end of the pencil, tie a paper clip to act as the weight.
  • Moisten the string and roll it in some sugar.
  • Keep the pencil over a glass jar in such a way that the string hangs down in it.
  • Boil the water and add sugar to it and let it dissolve.
  • Keep boiling the water and dissolve as much sugar as you can.
  • Add food coloring to the water to make colored crystals.
  • You may also add flavor to the gems, if you want.
  • Pour this hot sugary syrup in the jar.
  • The sugar on the string will attract the sugar from the water.
  • Cover the jar well with aluminum foil and set it aside for 7 days.
  • Then lift out the string and let the crystals solidify for some more time.
  • This Rock Candy or Crystal Candies are perfect treat for April Fools Day for small children.