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Fake Spider Web

Fake Spider Web

Is one of your friends arachnophobic? Well, you may trick them into running away from their closets by hanging big spider webs in them. Spider webs are very cost-effective and easy-to-make.
  • Take some cotton batting that can be found in any crafts department.
  • Wound it around in the shape of a decagon just like a spider web.
  • Place it in a dark corner of the room, preferably, inside a closet so that it cannot be easily seen and recognized as a fake one.
  • Add a plastic spider in its middle to give it a realistic look.
  • You may then ask your friend to get something you know is definitely in his/her cupboard and watch their reaction.
  • Ask one of your friends to climb up on the roof and hold a plastic spider tied to an invisible string.
  • Let it down from an opening near the place where the victim is sitting.
  • Move it up and down a few times to attract the attention of the victim.
  • Click their photograph as they shriek.
  • Present it to them as a memorable moment on April Fools' Day.