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Creative Arts and Crafts to Help You in Your Pranks

Creative Arts and Crafts to Help You in Your Pranks

In this section, we will be suggesting some easy, cost-effective ideas to help you in your pranks on April Fools' Day. You may have your own variations and as you will soon realize that all that happens on April Fools' Day is not so foolish as it seems to be. It takes quite a level of intellect, skills, wit and humor to plan for the pranks and practical jokes and even more cunning and acting skills to get off from the place and escape the consequences! Be sure, not to let the victim know the name of the culprit and the truth until you are all set to run and sure of not being caught.

Tea or Coffee
This is a fun trick to fool your roommates and fellow students. One of the other variations of this trick is mention in our section 'Some More Pranks', where you peel an orange to find apple slices inside it. But here is the one we were talking about:

Fake Cast
Fool your friends by wearing a fake cast and make them carry your books to school or make coffee for you. This is how you do it:

Fake Spider Web
Is one of your friends arachnophobic? Well, you may trick them into running away from their closets by hanging big spider webs in them. Spider webs are very cost-effective and easy-to-make.

Framing The Victim
If you live in a hostel or a dormitory, this one is a must. This is a sure hit, especially to teach the bullies.

Crystals on a String
These crystals are very easy and cheap to make and imagine the surprise of your friends, when you start taking out the gems of your necklace and begin to eat them. Offer some to them too. Here's a warning to: Only make these crystals under the supervision of an adult or melted sugar can give severe burns, especially to kids.

Jester Pencil Topper
Jester Pencil Topper is just the perfect April Fool craft for kids. Your clown or 'fool' will surely receive the attention of the entire class and it will be real fun to show it off and tell your friends that you have made it yourself. It is very easy to make too: