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April Fool Books For Kids

Read about the amazing contests, competitions and First of April is a day full of fun, tricks and pranks for all kids as they go around making fool of everyone they can get their hands and fooling each other too. There are a number of few children's books about April Fool's Day that illustrate the spirit of the day very well and will certainly be loved by them. The nooks mentioned here include books with sharp images in bright colors that attract children and easy-to-read books, perfect for beginners. Not only will these books make kids laugh but even toddlers love them be read aloud to them as they watch pictures on every page. The books that we recommend are:
  • April Fool! - Published by Puffin Books, the rhyming text story is written by Harriet Ziefert and Chris Demarest has etched the beautiful and colorful sketches in watercolor and ink. It is a simple easy-to-read book about a boy named Willy who rides to his school on a skateboard on April Fool's Day and tells a tall tale to his friends on the way making a fool of them.
  • April Foolishness - Published by Albert Whitman & Co., the rhyming text of the book has been penned by Teresa Bateman and the pictures and illustrations have been drawn by Nadine Bernard Westcott. This picture book will be loved by four-to-eight year olds as they listen while laughing and chuckling about a grandpa sitting calmly in the farmhouse despite all his grandchildren coming to warn him of some disaster or the other, thinking himself to be the wisest one and determined not to be fooled by the young ones on this April Fool's Day. However, as it turns out that it was the grandma who had the last laugh.
  • Arthur's April Fool - Published by Little, Brown and Co., Marc Brown has penned this delightful story about a young boy named Arthur who turns the table against Binky Barnes, a big bully at school. Binky is a nasty boy who steals the favorite pen of Arthur's while he was rehearsing his magic act for the school April Fool's Day assembly and despite all the nightmares and Binky being made his assistant, Arthur manages to make Binky an April Fool and tackles the situation with flying colors.
  • Look Out, It's April Fool's Day! - Published by William Morrow & Co., this is a good read-aloud book penned by Frank Modell. There is only one or two sentence per page with cartoon like pen and watercolor illustrations to attract children. The story is simple. It is about two boys, Marvin and Melvin. Marvin keeps trying to fool Milton while taking a walk on April Fool's Day but fails continuously until their mutual kidding leads to a funny situation where both the boys fool each other unconsciously.