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Silly Party Games & Activities for April Fools' Day

Silly Party Games & Activities for April Fools' Day

Games and Activities in April Fools' Day are designed to be silly and foolish or make people do some silly and foolish things. They are meant as a let out of the child spirit in you and have a fun making loud noises, just like jumping on a trampoline. Some of the games and activities suited to this day are suggested below:
  • You may begin with telling jokes to each other and acting them out to add the punch to them. Asking riddles is another option.
  • Conceive and frame stories and tell real-life experience about people who did silly things, a hilarious chain of events and creative hoaxes.
  • You may also play treasure hunt with a slight variation, where you have to hunt a 'gawk' or a stuffed cuckoo bird, picture of 'April Fish' or a joker and other such related symbols. The winning team can then dare the other team or ask them to do something funny.
  • Fill the rooms with the balloons and split the people in two teams and ask them to stomp on the balloons. The team getting the maximum number of balloons under their shoes and sandals wins.
  • Charades is a good game for the day.
  • 'Simon Says Opposites' is a game where everybody has to do opposite of what is told by the person acting out as Simple Simon.
  • Ask people to spell backwards the word given to them.
  • Make arrangements for relay races and keeping in spirit of the day, pass silly objects such as a broom or an eggbeater or even a toilet tissue paper roll.
  • Play a game of Twisters.
  • Play kid games with the adults or make them recite nursery rhymes like kids do.
  • Play the game of tag by tagging string on the backs or butts of the people.