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Traditions and Customs on April Fool's Day
April Fool : Traditions and Customs on April Fool's Day

Traditions and Customs on April Fool's Day

On 'All Fools' Day' or 'April Fools' Day', people play practical jokes and pranks on each other, crack jokes on the expense of victims and gift each other gag gifts and then when the victims are taken in by surprise, all the witnesses shout 'April Fool' at once. The innocent pranks such as prompting somebody that their shoelaces are undone or that they have something on their faces are quite common. Children love to use the opportunity to prank their classmates and even their schoolteachers.

At some places, one is only allowed to play jokes until 12 noon for the jokes played after that time are supposed to bring bad luck to the perpetrator. Similarly, the victim is advised to endure the tricks with a smile on their face, exhibiting tolerance or amusement or they may suffer bad luck, It is said that those fooled by a pretty girl can expect marriage or at least friendship with her. Men are advised not to marry on this day or their wives will rule them forever. Children born on 1st of April are considered lucky generally, except in gambling where they will fare badly.

At some places, afternoon on 1st of April is called as 'Leggin'-down-day' and the people try to trip up any unsuspecting victim. Brish media, normally considered serious and sober, give in to the excitement and tomfoolery of the day and consider hoaxes on this day as a fair game. Read BBC hoaxes to know more about them. With Internet to assist them, playing pranks had become a lot easier, fun and far reaching. April Fool's Day is one of the funniest and most popular pastimes of the day.