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Read about dating spoilers and worst dating stories to find out dating hints for men and things not to say on a date.

Dating Spoilers

Here are some worst dating stories and the things that have been said by men on their very first date that could have spoiled and ruined just about any date:
  • The man interrupted the lady in the middle of the sentence, just about two minutes after they met on their very first day, and said – “Could you excuse me? I have to call my cat for she must be lonely and nervous on not hearing my voice for so long.”
  • The boy asked the girl out on their first dinner together and just after ordering food, he shrugged his shoulders and said – “It's not a place I like but I had to use this 2-for-1 coupon before it expired.”
  • Just think how you will feel after meeting your beau for the first time outside the office and hearing him say, “I've grown so much in the past few years. There was a time when I wouldn't have given someone like you a second look.” Or “I have finally learned to accept that my date cannot be as smart as I am.”
  • Many girls have been disappointed to find that their dates just can't stop thinking, talking and comparing them to their ex-es.
  • Men who cannot just stop talking about how adorable, cute or naughty their nieces or nephews or pets are should stay at home and play with them.
  • Men who take liberty to start calling their dates by pet names, the moment they meet them, may seem just too fast and scare away all the 'good marriageable girls'. Talking about sex and sexual preferences is a double whammy too.