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Read what fools and clowns all over the world are known as and clown characters in different cultures and around the world.

Fools And Clowns All Over The World

Many cultures, communities, regions and countries have their own unique clown characters. Here are the names by which they are known along with the culture or the region (and the time period, if any), where they belong:

Name Of The Culture/Country/Region Clowns' And Fools' Name
America Tramp
China Chou
Commedia Del Arte Pedrolino
Commedia Del Arte & English Pantomime Pantalone
Commedia Del Arte & English Pantomime Harlequin
England 1600 & 1700s Merry Andrew
England 1600s Jack Pudding
European Tramp Clown Charlie
France Cascaduer
France Pierrot
France 1800s Claune
France, Acrobatic Clown 1820-1850 Grotesque
Germany & Austria C 1700 Hanswurst
Germany 1100-1400 Minnesinger
Germany C 1600 Narr
Holland & Germany 1600 & 1700s Pickle Herring
India Vidusaka And Vita
Italy Pagliacci
Italy Whiteface And Zany
Italy C 1500s Buffoon, Cabotin
Medieval England Fool, Gleeman
Medieval Europe & America 1800s & 1900s Minstrel
Medieval France Auguste, Badin
Medieval France Troubadour
Mythology Of Many Cultures Trickster
Native America Plains Tribes Contrary
Native America Zuni Tribe Newekwe
Native American Hano
Native American Hope Tribe Koyemsi
Ninth Century Europe Jester, Joey, Jongleur
Solo French Clown Excentrique
Spain C 1500s Bobo
Spain Late 1500s Gracioso