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Funny Crime Stories

Here are some funny crime stories where the criminals got caught because of their own foolish actions. The big time fools had ventured to fool the world and in turn received their rightful place in prison too. These interesting anecdotes are quite interesting to be read and discussed with your friend in April Fool's party:
  • A 59-year old woman in Tokyo named Miyoko Kawahara became famous or infamous in Japan by playing blaring music, beating her bedding in the balcony and constantly screaming insults at passers-by and neighbors for more than two and half years. Many neighbors complained of insomnia and headaches because of her behavior. She was sentenced to a year in jail for causing physical harm.
  • A couple from Cincinnati, US, decided to steal a 55-inch flat screen Hitachi TV because they thought that ego of Simon Cowell in 'American Idol' could not fit into their 22-inch TV at home. However, they forgot to take a bigger car for the felony theft. They smashed the front door of a TV and appliance store and just stole the TV and were driving back when police stopped them on receiving the alarm call from the store. The cops noticed that Richard and Stephanie North had the TV on the back seat of their car, hanging out the door.
  • A Japanese named Masakazu Kamitanida, 52, tried to swindle the residents of a three-story apartment posing as a fellow resident and tried to borrow cash for them to bear the expenses of a death in the family. However, what he failed to notice was that the building was an official residence for executives of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police and he even tried to fool the chief of Joto precinct. The cop lent him 15,000 yen only to be warned in time by his cop intuition. He later followed him to find that he was trying to borrow money from other too! Kamitanida was immediately arrested.
  • Neal Stevenson, 21, sold his car to a 16-year-old teenager for $150 bag of cocaine. However, he later regretted the decision and cooked up a story that he was robbed of his car using force at the Fort Henry Mall. However, the police came to know the truth by the boy to whom he had sold his car and Stevenson faced charges of filing a false report while the teenager faced the runaway and drug charges.
  • There have been increasing cases of joyriding crime cases where people just take someone's car for the fun of driving it or having a ride in it and then, they park it somewhere else and leave it there for the owner to hunt it out. However, this case is a real extreme one as Jesse Matthew Vasquez, 26, of Moses Lake drove off with an emergency medical vehicle as the crew was trying to help an elderly woman, just because he felt like it. He was chased for 52 miles before he could be caught and cornered and 12 squad cars were involved for it!