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Baby Sounds game is an April Fool game for children, fit for April Fools party for kids and a fun family game for April Fools day.

Baby Sounds

This is a fun and active family game fit for April Fools party for kids and will simply be loved by children. It makes for a quality time for parents to interact and have fun with their children and look like a fool to them as they make sounds or babble like infants and babies. You can also add more fun by copying sounds your kids used to make when they were small and tell them that and see how disbelieving they look and how they grin, smile and chuckle on hearing about themselves making such silly sounds.

Items Needed:
  • Black satin blindfold (you may use any piece of cloth instead), and
  • A broom.
How To Prepare:
  • Make everybody stand in a circle.
  • Choose one person to be 'it' and make him stand in the center of the circle.
  • Blindfold 'it'.
  • Give him or her a broom.
How To Play:
  • 'It' has to spin around and stop suddenly after two or three rounds.
  • Then he/she has to point a broom to the person standing straight and say 'Baby Talk'.
  • The person to whom the broom is pointed has to make sounds like a baby. He/she can make crying sounds or say words like 'ma-ma', 'na-na' or chuckle like a baby.
  • 'It' has to guess the name of the person.
  • If the name is guessed right, the person to whom the broom was pointed becomes 'it'.]
  • The game can also be easily improvised upon by adding more activities to be performed by 'it' every time he/she gets the name of the person wrong or to be performed by the person whose name is guessed correctly.