Fundoo Times
Organize weird competition and contest for Adults April Fool Party such as belly dance for men on April Fools Day.

Belly Dance For Men

This active game involves lots of movement and is a funny option for an Adults April Fool Party. This will best be played with fun loving couples or singles who are bold and energetic. Any number of players can participate in this. This competition will surely make your guests roll with laughter and make for some of the must funny photographs that you can ever get on April Fools Day.

Items Needed:
  • Scarfs or veils to wear on face by men just like real belly dancers,
  • Good collection of Arabian music,
  • Good music player,
  • Enough Space to dance around properly,
  • Seating arrangement for the judges, and]
  • Moving lights, will be preferable.
How To Prepare:
  • All the men in the group must participate in the competition while women will be the judges of the day.
  • Men have to wear veils covering lower half of their face including their mustache and beards.
  • All the contestants have to roll up their shirts to expose their bellies, especially their navels.
How To Play:
  • As the music starts, the contestants may dance together or perform one by one.
  • The judges will choose the winner for titles such as 'Most Voluptuous of all', 'Fairest of all', 'Most Graceful Dance Steps', 'Best Choreographed Movements' and similar awards.
  • The most popular man gets the 'Belly Dancer of April Fools Day' award and gets to keep his veil and/or a mini skirt and stockings set.