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Here we present perfect man training course syllabus and idea of new courses for men that teach how to become a real man.

Perfect Man Training Course Syllabus

The University of Life offers a new two-degree for men who want to be an ideal husband, a perfect man for his wife and a real man who is the dream spouse or boyfriend of every girl and woman in the world. There are six quarters and the program outline covers the syllabus for all of them:


Fall Schedule:
  • Become A Housework Wizard
  • Household Appliances Are Not Gifts
  • PMS - Know When TO Shut Up
  • Stupidity Overcoming Techniques
Winter Schedule:
  • Learn to Cook And Let Others Live
  • Parenting: It Doesn't End with Conception
  • Understanding Female Response
  • Wonderful Laundry Techniques
Spring Schedule:
  • Accepting Your Fault When You Are Wrong
  • Reasons To Give Flowers
  • Understanding Your Incompetence
  • YOU, the Weaker Sex

Fall Schedule:
  • How To Fall Asleep Without It
  • How to Put the Toilet Seat Down
  • How to Stay Awake After Sex
  • Morning Dilemma: Take a Shower
Winter Schedule:
  • Accept That You Are Not Tom Cruise
  • Do Not Act Younger Than Your Children
  • Overcome Your Dependency
  • You, Too, Can Be a Careful Driver
Spring Schedule:
  • Fluffing the Blanket After Farting is not Necessary
  • Know Begging Is Not Foreplay
  • Omitting Obscenities From Your Vocabulary
  • Real Men Ask for Directions