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Read about April Fool hoax, rumor and story by Madison Capital Times about explosion in Wisconsin due to debates in Senate And Assembly.

Explosion In Wisconsin State Capitol Building

The Madison Capital Times thought of a really witty satire on the constant debates that go on in the Senate and Assembly in 1933. On 1st of April, it announced that there had been explosions in the Wisconsin state capitol building that had turned it to ruins. Along with the article, a phony picture was also published that depicted that the Capitol Building was collapsing. Though, modern people can easily figure out that the photo had been tampered with, people of that times were really fooled by it. The explosions were said to be mysterious.

The funniest part was the reason that had been given for the explosions - it was said that explosions occurred due to the gas that had been generated in large quantities because of the 'verbose debate in the Senate and Assembly chambers' for past many weeks. The reason itself was so foolish that it could have been a dead giveaway, if the people had not been so ready to believe everything that was published. However, the readers were later outraged on this piece of misinformation and considered the April Fool hoax as 'tactless and tactless, void of humor and a hideous jest.'