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Read April Fool stories for gangsters, Russian April Fool hoax and 'Arm The Homeless Coalition' spoof by the Phoenix Times.

Gangsters' Delight

There are two April Fool stories that are sure to be gangsters' delight. Both stories belong to late 1990s. In 1996, Russian gangsters were increasingly becoming more and more active and ruthless. So, Itar-Tass thought that perhaps these heartless mercenaries would like to 'kill in style' with the help of diamond encrusted grenades that were being manufactured by a military factory for the first time in history, especially for Russian gangsters. The target customers of the grenades were certainly those fashion-conscious Russian gangsters, who would like to impress others with the stylish murders that they perform, which leave the dead bodies of their rivals, not in blood but covered with sparkling gems.

The Phoenix New Times in 1999 announce the formation of a new charity organization for the homeless people named as 'Arm The Homeless Coalition'. The story received 60-minute coverage on numerous local radio stations and the Associated Press and stunned many of the readers and the audiences with its unique way to help these poor people. Unlike other organizations that would normally provide these people with food and shelter or even try to educate them, provide vocational training to them and try to rehabilitate them in general, this organization had vowed to provide them with guns and ammunition so that they won't have any dearth of any kind in life. It was only after much had been said and debated about such an organization, it was revealed to actually be an April Fool hoax.