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Read about rules for faculty at Fresno State College of California and questioning about John Kallam's qualifications as criminology expert.

John Kallam's Qualifications

Colonel John Kallam served for 20 years in the US Army from late 1930s to late 1950s. Having done BA in criminology, he had an illustrious profile as an investigator during the Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals, organizing civilian police forces in Germany in the post-war era for several years and writing a number of books on criminal justice. After retiring from military service, he joined as a lecturer in the Fresno State College of California that later came to be known as the California State University, Fresno. He naturally taught criminology and his experience made him an able teacher and earned him respect that he deserved. Yet, after ten years of service, the president of the college asked him to update his qualifications with a postgraduate degree, as a bachelor's degree was not enough anymore to teach in a prestigious college with changing times.

He even rubbed off that it was only due to his 20 years of experience and distinguished record that he was allowed a concession to continue only with a 'master's' degree rather than the doctorate degree, which was necessary for other faculty members. John Kallam was not too pleased of course. Yet, he got enrolled in a summer program at an out of state college that required three months of intensive seminars and then nine months of home study to earn him the degree of MA. Yet the biggest irony happened on the very first day of his class as a student in this summer program. When the instructor was taking roll, the instructor paused at his name and asked him that was he related somehow to John Kallam, the author of the textbook they were about to use. Just imagine his surprise on receiving the dry response that John Kallam, the author of the textbook he was about to use, was sitting in his class, to be taught from the very same book to earn a 'degree' deemed necessary to prove his qualifications!