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Here are some sign warnings for fools, product warnings for dummies and silly signs on road.

Signs Warnings For Fools

Some of the warnings, cautions, instructions and signs placed on the products or standing erect on the roadside seem so silly and nonsensical that one cannot help but read them twice in an attempt to understand them. Yet, few are worth reading again while some others seem as if the person who placed the sign had no idea himself of its purpose. The absurdity of these signs is what makes them so humorous. Here are some funny ones for you:
  • A sign placed near the State Prison on Interstate 10, Near Phoenix, AZ, states that 'Do Not Stop for Hitchhikers'.
  • The sign at Boyne Falls, Michigan, U.S. 131, instructs 'Do not pass while opposing traffic present'.
  • A warning to tourists at Highway 26, Idaho Falls, Idaho states that 'Don't laugh at the natives'.
  • There was a sign on the road, which asks us to 'Ignore this sign'.
  • At entrance to jail in the Sheriff's Dept., Warrden County, IN, a sign reads – 'No weapons beyond this point'. It is written below in Braille too.
  • A sign indicating a left bend in the road had 'Keep Right' written underneath.
  • A warning sign at Rim Drive, Durango, CO, states 'Do Not Hit This Sign'.
  • In various parts of Jamaica, Speed Bumps are called Sleeping Policemen. So, you can find warning signs at some places stating that there are 'Sleeping Policemen Ahead'.
  • Demazin Infant Drops has warning imprinted on it stating that 'This formula may cause drowsiness. If affected do not operate heavy machinery or drive a vehicle'. Of course, baby needs to be told of this! A similar warning can be seen on Boot's Childrens Cough Medicine.
  • Bayer Aspirin warns the patients that 'Do not take if allergic to aspirin', as if the name leaves any doubt of it being an Aspirin.
  • A packet on Birth Control Pills advises you that 'Do not use if you are pregnant, intend to become pregnant, or might be pregnant'.
  • Nytol Sleep Aid warns you that the medicine 'May cause drowsiness'. It is for that purpose, isn't it?
  • There is a Hair Coloring company that asks you not to use their product 'as an ice cream topping'.
  • Fritos had a special promotion scheme, which stated that 'You could be a winner! No purchase necessary. Details inside'.