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Read singing blues fun guide and funny comments on blues singers here and know how to sing blues.

Singing Blues Guide

  • It is easy to write the lyrics for blues if you keep the following things in mind:
    • Blues generally begin with 'woke up this morning'.
    • If you really cannot avoid it and want to begin the Blues with 'I got a good woman', follow it up immediately with something bad such as 'with biggest belly in town'.
    • Repeat the line twice and then write a third line that ends with almost a rhyming word. Now, it may read like this – 'I got a good woman with biggest belly in town, I got a good woman with biggest belly in town, She has legs of an elephant and weighs 500 pounds'.
    • You will hardly ever find colors like 'violet, beige and mauve' being mentioned in Blues as it is difficult to find rhyming words for them.
  • People devoted to Blues use car like Chevies, Cadillacs and broken-down trucks or may use Greyhound buses and southbound trains. The only other transportation that they use fairly well is 'Walking'.
  • Blues are sung who are fixing to die, so teenagers normally have nothing to do with it. Singing Blues is the domain for adults.
  • Hard times are called Blues in New York City, Chicago, St. Louis, and Kansas City but they are just depression in Vermont, Tucson or North Dakota are just depression.
  • Blues are confined to places where it rains often.
  • Blues can never take place in a well-lit office or a shopping mall with sparkling lights. You need to sit in the parking lot or by the dumpster to have Blues. Other options can be the highway, a jailhouse, an empty bed or even the bottom of a whiskey glass.
  • There are three steps to Build Your Own Blues Singer Name:
    • Choose Name of physical infirmity to precede your name such as Blind, Cripple or Lame.
    • Choose a name of Fruit to be your first name such as Lemon, Lime or Kiwi.
    • Choose Last name of a US president such as Jefferson, Johnson or Fillmore.
    • So now, your Blues Singer name can be Lame Lemon Clinton.
  • Blues singers cannot have computers and for them, the three R's are not Reading, Writing and Arithmetic but Railroads, Running and Rehab.
  • Name your guitar.