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Some More Pranks

Some More Pranks

Here are some more April Fool jokes and practical pranks that are easy-to-do fun tricks that you will simply love.
  • Carve out cornbread in shape of a cake and put chocolate icing all around it. Serve the delicious-looking chocolate cake to the victim.
  • If you are good at graphic designing, this one is for you. Make fake parking tickets or buy them from the market and put it on the cruisers and bikes of the traffic police officers who take liberty and park their vehicles in no parking zones. Make sure that you or your vehicle are not watched or can be traced back.
  • Put an elastic band around the push button of the sprayer in the sink and make it face towards where the person stands. Similarly, you can turn the showerhead towards the spot where a person stands and. As soon as the next person turns them on, they will get all soaked. Be sure not to forget that you don't get soaked yourself.
  • An easy way to fool others is to tape down the click-button of the phone with a transparent tape so that whenever someone picks up the phone to receive an incoming call, it still keeps ringing. Works only on landlines.
  • Try it with your teenaged kids. Set the alarm clock for 3:00 a.m. and hide it under their beds. See them tearing down their room in a sleepy fit to shut it up.
  • Take an orange. Slit it at the bottom and use a needle to take its pulp out through the slit. Thinly slice an apple and insert it carefully inside, arranging it with the help of the needle. Offer the orange to the friends when they call at your home and peel it for them. See them gasp in surprise when they see the apple slices instead of orange pulp. Needs skill.
  • Squeeze a banana softly until it becomes very soft and using a needle make some holes in its black spots so that they cannot be seen easily. Ask someone to hand you the banana and watch them as the smashed pulp comes pouring out!
  • This is not the kind of food I would like to eat. Put 5 scoops of ice cream in a bowl and add 5 cooked chicken wings to it. Pour gravy on it and the chocolate syrup to cover it. Top it with a cherry and serve.
  • Put toothpaste/shaving cream/whipped cram or any such thing in the socks of your roommates. Make an escape before they try them on.
  • Rub liquid soap/Vaseline or baby oil onto the doorknobs of your victim's room or the door handles of their cars. You can also rub it off on their toilet seats. It makes them quite slippery and difficult to use.
  • Add yellow or beige food coloring to the milk to make it look like rotten milk. Works every time someone pours out the milk and is stunned to find it rotten.
  • Make a small hole just below the edge in the plastic disposable cups. Offer juice or some other drink to your guests in a way that they would pick it up with the hole facing them. As soon as they will try to drink, the liquid will spill on them through the hole.