Fundoo Times
Learn how to speak like gentleman and be politically correct with women and get tips on dealing with ladies.

Speak Like Gentleman

Be more sensitive to the fairer sex and be popular with them by using politically correct words. Speak only the truth to the ladies but in a gentle tone and gentler words, just like a gentleman. Here are some examples to help you out:

  • Ladies are not 'air heads'. They are 'reality impaired'.
  • Ladies are not 'bad cooks'. They are 'microwave compatible'.
  • Ladies are not 'bleached blondes'. They are 'peroxide dependent'.
  • Ladies are not 'cold or frigid'. They are 'thermally inaccessible'.
  • Ladies are not 'conceited'. They are 'intimately aware of her best qualities'.
  • Ladies are not 'dumb'. They are a 'detour off the information superhighway'.
  • Ladies are not 'too skinny'. They are 'skeletally prominent'.
  • Ladies do not 'gain weight'. They are 'metabolic underachievers'.
  • Ladies do not 'go shopping'. They are 'mall fluent'.
  • Ladies do not 'hate televised sports'. They are 'athletically ignorant'.
  • Ladies do not 'have a mustache'. They are 'in touch with their masculine side'.
  • Ladies do not 'nag you'. They become 'verbally repetitive'.
  • Ladies do not 'tease or flirt'. They engage in 'artificial stimulation'.
  • Ladies do not 'wear too much makeup'. They have reached 'cosmetic saturation'.
  • Ladies do not 'wear too much perfume'. They commit 'fragrance abuse'.
  • Ladies do not get 'drunk or tipsy'. They get 'chemically inconvenienced'.
  • Ladies do not get 'fat or chubby'. They achieve 'maximum density'.
  • Ladies do not want to be 'married'. They want to lock you in 'domestic incarceration'.
  • Ladies do not wear 'too much jewelry'. They are 'metallically overburdened'.
  • Ladies have not 'been around'. They are 'previously enjoyed companions'.