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Framing The Victim

Framing The Victim

If you live in a hostel or a dormitory, this one is a must. This is a sure hit, especially to teach the bullies.
  • Choose your victim.
  • When everybody is outside, exchange everybody's articles including yours except the victim's such as placing somebody's books on other people's tables, placing someone's clothes in other people's boxes and closets, exchanging the identity cards of the students, relocating the alarm clocks and pen stands of the people.
  • Alternatively, you can prank everybody except the chosen one. Prank yourself too. Exchange somebody's toothpaste with a shaving cream. Put a fake bullet hole through somebody's favorite relic; put fake spots on books and other such innocent pranks.
  • Exclaim surprise and anger like everybody and point out that the victim has not been pranked or has misplaced things. Naturally, people will take him to be the prankster.
  • Rest depends on the kind of group you have.