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Read about the types of women and girlfriends and see where your girlfriend fits in.

Types of Girlfriends

Someone has rightly said that mobiles and girlfriends have one thing in common. The moment you get one, you wish you had waited some more and get your hands on the latest model. Yet another thing typical of girlfriends is that you always think that others have a better one than yours. We have ascertained a few categories in which most of the girlfriends can be put into. They are:
  • Ms Always Sick – Quite predictable and miserable always, this type of girlfriend is a constant whiner and always seems to be pale and ill. The biggest threat with this type of girlfriend is that her attitude can be contagious and you may also feel as sick as her.
  • Ms Know It All – This type of girlfriend is very demanding and commanding. She doest not request you to do a thing but orders you to stand straight, change the tie or the job amongst many other things. She is quite bossy and is certainly more like Mom than a girlfriend. Though, she is often right but hey, she is not good for your male ego.
  • Ms Nice Guy – This is either one of the boys or a precious girl that enjoys everything you love. She is the perfect doormat kinds that most of us covet for. She readily agrees to anything you say, is mostly cheerful, kind and ready to forgive. The only fear is that she may realize the truth one day and become wiser.
  • Ms No Confidence – This type of girl canít decide about anything in life and frets a lot. She needs you to decide everything for her including her hair color, home, career and goals. Though, it is very easy to soothe her, she gets perturbed easily too.
  • Ms Screechy – This girl yells and shouts at the top of her voice. She can compete with sailors in swearing. Though she pays attention to you very minutely but it does not take much to get her throwing frying pans and paper weights at you. She is a She Devil straight from Hell and you are advised to run away from her as soon as possible.
  • Ms Wild – This girl is too fast but you may love her as a good pastime for a spell. She is always ready to share drinks with you and is quite uninhibited. She is fun but so unpredictable that you can never know that when she will drive off the cliff when you are sitting inside her car.
  • Ms. Dream Girl – This girl just adores you and considers you God. She is just perfect, gorgeous, sexy and a perfect knockout. She has a good sense of humor, is intelligent and uninhibited. But then she is just a dream.