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Find some interesting April Fool party games, Fools Day games for kids and fun family games for April Fools Day.

April Fool Party Games

We have brought some very funny games and pastimes for your April Fools Day Party in this section. 'Wisdom Sayings' is a board game that is most suitable for a group that is more literature-oriented. The funny combinations, with which the people come up to complete the proverb they had hardly ever heard, are just hilarious sometimes. 'Baby Sounds' will certainly be loved by kids and small children and is an interesting family game. This will give the parents an opportunity to spend some quality time with their kids too and interact with them bringing out some family memories from the times when their kids hadn't learnt to talk yet.

'Belly Dance For Men' is just fun to watch and you will certainly roll with laughter as the men try to dance their way seductively like ladies and imitate their dreamy graceful steps. It is more suitable for a party for adults with bolder and more active guests. 'Bluff Master' is a game that uses a standard deck of 52 cards and it gives you full scope to cheat and lie with only one catch - 'Don't get caught!'. 'Silly, Silly!' is again a fun game in which the stupidest person is to be chosen and crowned on April Fools Day and is a perfect icebreaker and get the people to tease each other and build up the mood of the party.

Baby Sounds
This is a fun and active family game fit for April Fools party for kids and will simply be loved by children. It makes for a quality time for parents to interact and have fun with their children and look like a fool to them as they make sounds or babble like infants and babies. You can also add more fun by copying sounds your kids used to make when they were small and tell them that and see how disbelieving they look and how they grin, smile and chuckle on hearing about themselves making such silly sounds.

Belly Dance For Men
This active game involves lots of movement and is a funny option for an Adults April Fool Party. This will best be played with fun loving couples or singles who are bold and energetic. Any number of players can participate in this. This competition will surely make your guests roll with laughter and make for some of the must funny photographs that you can ever get on April Fools Day.

Bluff Master
This is a passive playing cards game that can be played by two to ten players at a time, though a larger group can also be accommodated in this fun game, where all you have to do is to bluff, cheat and lie, which is in keeping with the spirit of April Fools Day party. The winner will of course be the Bluff Master.

Silly, Silly
This game is the most appropriate one for the occasion of April Fools Day and will help you to fish out the most stupid person out of all the fools (guests) is the party. It is a passive game and is suitable both for adults and kids.

Wisdom Sayings Game For April Fools Day
This is a passive board game for players who are more than 12 years of age. More than two people can play it with ease and one can easily improvise upon this game to include more activities and make it funky.