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One of the interesting word games for April Fools Day parties, wisdom sayings game will surely be a popular April Fool party board game.

Wisdom Sayings Game For April Fools Day

This is a passive board game for players who are more than 12 years of age. More than two people can play it with ease and one can easily improvise upon this game to include more activities and make it funky.

Items Needed:
  • A long list of little known and interesting sayings from around the world,
  • Sheets of thick paper,
  • Pen, and
  • Scissors.
How To Prepare:
  • Cut the paper sheet in the size of large-sized playing cards.
  • Write one half of the saying on one side of the card.
  • Turn the card and write the other half of the saying.
  • Writing should not be visible from back side of the paper.
  • Arrange the cards in a stack with first half side facing upwards.
How To Play:
  • One person conducts the game and keeps the score for everybody, if there is a large group.
  • Shuffle the cards.
  • The players have to pick up the cards one by one and try to complete the saying with wisdom of their own.
  • Since most of the sayings are little known, most of the people won't know the actual proverb and will come up with funny answers.
  • People with closest answer or the funniest answer is declared to be the 'April Fool Of The Day' and gets a funny prize.
Here are some examples of such proverbs for your convenience:

Country First Half Of Wisdom Saying Second Half Of Saying People May Fill Things Like
Afghanistan There are twenty-five uncaught sparrows For a penny In the tree, Singing Together
Albania Don't put gold buttons On a torn coat Out in the open, On the washbasin
Argentina A dog that barks all the time Gets little attention Keeps thieves away, Is hated by neighbors
Armenia You are as many a person as Languages you know Number of members in your family, Peas in a jar
Austria A light is still a light even though A blind man cannot see it It is very dim, It gets put out when fuse blows off
Azerbaijan It's not shameful not to know but It's shameful not to ask You should learn about it soon, You should listen to news daily
Belgium The horse must graze Where it is tethered On oatmeal, Daily for good health
Benin There is no god like one's stomach We must sacrifice to it every day Be it big or small, For it digests everything well
Bosnia & Herzegovina Two things rule the world Reward and punishment Love and hope, Book and Ball