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An interesting playing card game for April Fools Day parties, Bluff Master card game will surely be a popular April Fool party playing cards game.

Bluff Master

This is a passive playing cards game that can be played by two to ten players at a time, though a larger group can also be accommodated in this fun game, where all you have to do is to bluff, cheat and lie, which is in keeping with the spirit of April Fools Day party. The winner will of course be the Bluff Master.

Items Needed:
  • A standard deck of 52 cards. You may use two or more decks for larger groups.
How To Prepare:
  • Make the group sit in a circle.
  • Deal all the cards to the players one by one.
  • If some players get one extra card, then it is not a problem.
  • There should be enough space in the center of the table where the cards can be discarded in a pile.
How To Play:
  • The person with the Ace of Hearts in hand starts the game.
  • The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards as quickly as possible and you must be good at bluffing for this.
  • Suppose you have only one ace but you want to take risk and get rid of two cards at once. Keep one ace and one any other card face down on the table and say 'Two Aces'. If any player thinks that you are bluffing, he/she may challenge you and ask you to show the cards. If you have really bluffed, you will have to pick up all the cards in the discard pile and add it to their pack. Otherwise, they all go to other person's pack.
  • Next player may or may not have the aces. They may want to get rid of their aces (or just bluff their way through by saying that they are getting rid of their ace and take a risk of being challenged by playing another card) or may just say 'Pass', declaring that they don't have an Ace.
  • One may also bluff on number of cards, though it has greater risks of being challenged. This is that you may say that you are playing 'Two Kings' though you may actually add three cards to the pile of which two are kings and third one is another card from your pack. If no one catches you, even if you are challenged, you may show your two kings and let the challenger pick up the whole pile of cards for their pack.
  • After everybody is done with aces, you may continue with kings, queens, jacks, tens and so on.
  • The first person to get rid of all their cards is called the 'Bluff Master' and is the winner of the game!